There are a few go-to websites for information on gaming.

The DiceTower and Boardgame Geek seems to have been around the longest.

DiceTower is a great resource for reviews, and very very very long top ten lists if you’ve got an hour to kill on YouTube.

Boardgame Geek is an immense database of reviews, manuals, forums. If you’ve got a query about gaming, it’s likely to have been answered here already.


Have a hunt round on YouTube for gaming reviews and play-throughs. These give you a great idea of what a game is like to play.

I love Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop series, which can be seen here, The Dice Tower, here and Starlit Citadel, here. These channels have helped guide me through the world of tabletop gaming and influenced the games that I buy.


Your local game shop should be one of your first stops for advice, and the extra few pounds you’ll end up paying for games is worth it to keep these great local resources running. Mine runs regular game nights too.

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