About 2onBoard

When I started to get into tabletop gaming I realised there wasn’t much help available for people who are looking for 2-player games.

My wife and I love gaming, but don’t have that many people close to us that feel the same way! Our three, four and five player games tend to happen once in a blue moon, and we don’t want to wait that long to play again.

Even my local gaming shop couldn’t really offer that much advice, as most of their experience was of games which had multiple players.

So in this blog I will be reviewing the games I find in the hope that somebody in a similar position might find it helpful. Any suggestions of games are gratefully received.

I’ll also be posting links and information I think might be useful, so keep checking back and let me know what you think.

I won’t be posting links to buy the games I’m reviewing. You can find these easily enough yourself, plus I’d rather you went to your local game store.


If you want to get in touch, use the form below or email me at 2onboardgaming@gmail.com:


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