Batman Fluxx


What is Batman Fluxx?

It’s a variation of the classic card game, Fluxx, with fantastic cartoon/Art Deco artwork featuring characters and settings from the world of Batman.

This is the latest version of Fluxx, following sets including Zombie Fluxx. It was also recently announced that publishers Looney Labs will be working on Firefly Fluxx (shiny!).

If you’ve not seen my interview with Andy Looney, the awesome founder of Looney Labs, take a look here.

I’ve covered the basics of gameplay before, so I’ll go straight to asking, ‘is it good with two players?’

Fluxx is a game that can be over very quickly. I’ve heard of games being won in just a couple of turns. It can also turn into a much larger, more complex game.

The attraction of Fluxx (and where it gets its name) is that the rules are constantly changing. The basic rule is simple: draw one, play one. But this can quickly become draw 5, play 3 and so on. The goals too, which allow players to win the game, can be changed.

I prefer this with two players. A recent three player game saw us stuck in a particularly complex set of rules which genuinely required serious concentration to follow, and thanks to the action cards available, one of my game group ended up with most of the deck in their hand until someone reset the rules to the basics.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind if you assume Fluxx must be a quick and easy filler game. Ok, it mostly is, but…sometimes it’s not!

I’m torn as to whether Batman Fluxx or Zombie Fluxx is my favourite of these games. Batman Fluxx is a fantastic blend of theme and game mechanic. Everything just fits really well together. For instance, of course you can’t win the game with villains in play – it makes sense Batman would need to take them out.

The humour shines through this game too. One card (which I always forget about when I start playing) gives players who are wearing an item of Batman-related clothing a bonus.

This game’s a double-whammy for me, a superhero themed Fluxx game. And honestly, for the price, you can’t go wrong.

Further information

See the game’s official site here.

Watch Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop play through a variation, Star Fluxx, here.

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