Boss Monster 2: The Next Level


Regular readers of this blog, if there are any, will know I really like Boss Monster. Unfortunately I came too late to the hobby (and to Kickstarter) to back the original game, and somehow the digital version passed me by too.

So when Boss Monster 2 was announced, I knew I had to hand over some money to the guys at Brotherwise Games as fast as I could.

Since then I’ve also interviewed the brothers themselves, which you can see here. So, full disclosure, this review isn’t exactly going to be unbiased.

What is Boss Monster 2?

It’s a ‘dungeon-building’ card game, as opposed to a deck building one.

Players compete to build the strongest side-scrolling dungeon, using cards with great retro artwork that really bring back some fantastic memories of time spent playing Nintendo.

I won’t go into full details of the game, as I’ve already done that. But I will talk about what’s different.

Boss Monster 2 can be played as a standalone game in its own right, which is what I did, or the cards can all be mixed together.

The new game features improved artwork, such as clearer text, with plenty of all-new room, spell and hero cards, with new bosses.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Dark Heroes. These are regular (as opposed to Epic) heroes that can be given an extra boost of health when a player discards a card. This makes them a formidable opponent, potentially cropping up early in the game when players aren’t quite ready.

Does it work with two players?

I’ve played with two players, and also four, and personally I prefer two. I like two player card games, and this scratches an itch for me.

Four can feel a little unwieldy, particularly if the players aren’t interacting with each other – maybe the cards early on in the game haven’t allowed for it. In this case, there is an element of waiting around until your opponents have made their move – but this is an issue common to many games.

Two players feels quick, while still remaining strategic, and adding in the Tools of Hero Kind expansion can expand the scope of the game considerably and you’ll be surprised how ‘big’ the game can feel.

Boss Monster 2 is a favourite of mine, and regularly played in my gaming group.

Further information

Check out the game’s official page here.

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