Get Bit & Dobble – a quick look


What are Get Bit! and Dobble?

Both are very quick games ideally suited as gateway games for children – or adults who are young at heart.

Get Bit! (in its current version at least) began as a Kickstarter project and plays with up to six players racing to help their robot figures escape the clutches of a hungry shark. As the shark catches players, their robots literally lose limbs until Chomp, they’re out of the game.

Dobble (also known as Spot It! depending on the territory it’s bought) is a very simple game of matching symbols on cards, until there are no more left to match.

I tried these out on a recent visit to friends, playing with a mixed group of adults and children.


Get bit has a great mechanic that’s unique in my (admittedly limited) experience of tabletop gaming. Each player chooses a coloured robot, constructed with removable limbs. They also have a set of numbered cards.

Basically, players line their robots up in front of a shark. They then use their cards, drawn in secret and revealed at the same time, to decide their place in the line of swimmers.

Anyone who ends a turn next to the shark, loses a limb. The game ends when only two players with some limbs are left.

It’s a great little game with plenty of laughs, and a surprising amount of strategy for something which consists of just a handful of cards and some nice-looking plastic figures.


Dobble, meanwhile, sees players draw and attempt to match symbols on large circular cards. There are 50+ cards, and just a handful of symbols on each – there is always just one symbol in common between any two cards. Quite how this works makes my brain ache.

It’s like a souped-up version of snap really, and there are a number of mini-games that can also be played as variants on the main set of rules.

It’s very simple and good fun, and is a great one for playing with young children. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised at how good children are at this stuff, and how bad adults are.

Do they work with two players?

Get Bit! isn’t really designed for two players, although there is a two player rules variant, which is why I’ve included it on this blog. I’m certainly not going to mark it down for not being a specific two player game as I chose to play it, after all. The variant is fine, but if you have a game session with more than two players, its definitely worth bringing this one out as a filler.

Dobble is fine with two players. Any more than two gets fairly crazy and a game might last just 30-60 seconds, so if that’s what you’re after, this game will supply it.

Further information

Check out Get Bit!’s official website at Mayday Games here.

I haven’t been able to find an official page for Dobble / Spot it!, but there’s some information here.

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop crew played through a game of Get Bit! that’s worth a look.

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