Print & Play update: cardboard marathon


Well, hundreds of cards and many hours later, I’ve finished putting together a couple of great looking print & play games.

The first is the end-of-the-world scenario deck builder Collapse. I was a backer of this on Kickstarter but never got round to making it.

It looks great and is by far the largest game I’ve put together. So much cardboard. The print & play cards are available on its creator’s website (Jordan Goddard, one of the nicest people I’ve come across on Kickstarter!), here.


The second is The Best Treehouse Ever from Scott Almes, creator of the Tiny Epic… series of games.

This is another kickstarter project, currently still live and looking for funding, here. I expect to be backing it, but wanted to have a couple of run-throughs first. The print & play cards are there for anyone to try, you’ll just need to find a few pawns or cubes to add to them to play the game properly.

Note I won’t be reviewing these games in this format. They may not be the final versions and it seems unfair to judge a game based partly on how well I have recreated it in cardboard and card sleeves.

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