Mobile gaming gets good?

Boss Monster

Recently I’ve been playing the mobile versions of a few tabletop games, and I’ve noticed something. They’re getting good.

Followers of this blog will know I love Boss Monster, a great little card game. Today Boss Monster was launched on Android (yay!). I’m going to play through a few times before I attempt a review, so watch this space, but at first glance it looks like a very faithful adaptation and one I’m looking forward to spending time with.

But this is just the latest adaptation of a tabletop game that I’ve been impressed with.

Recently I’ve also bought:

Star Realms


Sentinels of the Multiverse

Elder Sign: Omens

I’ve reviewed Star Realms on Android briefly already. Again, it’s a great, faithful adaptation that means I can play when I’m on my own, or on the road, or just don’t have anyone else to join in.

I’ve not played Sentinels of the Multiverse or Elder Sign: Omens enough to review them yet, but I will say they look great. Elder Sign in particular, is genuinely spooky.

As a parent to a two year old girl, I spend a lot of time sat in the dark waiting for my daughter to fall asleep. At these times a tablet computer is a God-send, and I can either be found headphones on, watching Netflix, or playing a game. I actually found myself quitting Elder Sign as it was freaking me out a little. I can’t wait to get back to it and let you know my thoughts.

Despite only scratching the surface of what’s available – I know Ticket to Ride, Catan, Small World and Alhambra are also available on Android, and by all accounts are fantastic additions to anyone’s mobile gaming library – I’m impressed enough to write a blog entry about it.

Here’s why. This blog is about two player games. My wife is my main gaming partner, but when she’s not around, a way to play a solo game is something I really welcome.

It seems like games publishers have recognised this too. Sure, they’re in it to make some money, but it would be very easy to slap some branding on a badly-made adaptation of a classic game and rake in a few pounds/dollars for a while.

But some of the games I’ve mentioned above are consistently getting great reviews and feedback, and are being updated by the publishers fairly regularly. It’s great to see. An industry like tabletop gaming could so easily be stuck in an old-fashioned mindset, and it’s great to see technology being embraced in this way.

Really this post was an excuse to give Boss Monster a shoutout, but it became something a bit more, and has reminded me I really need to hurry up and review those Android games so I can buy some more!

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Mobile gaming gets good?

  1. […] I’m about to back the sequel to Boss Monster, Boss Monster: The Next Level, which as I write, has just about made it to £75,000 – three times the original goal. With 13 days left to back the game, I’m expecting quite a few stretch goals to be announced. Boss Monster is one of my favourite games and I love both the original card game and its digital version. […]


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