Star Realms: Crisis expansions


What are Star Realms Crisis expansions?

So far, there are four small packs of expansions. Available for a few pounds/dollars, these contain 12 cards each to add to the base deck.

I’ve previously reviewed Star Realms, here. It’s a neat little deck building game with a sci-fi theme and is one of my favourites at the moment.

I won’t go into too many details about how to play, as I’m hoping you’ll go and read my original review (go on!).

The expansions – Heroes, Fleets and Fortresses, Events, and Bases and Battleships – add a total of 48 cards to your deck.


Some of the cards – Fleets and Fortresses, and Bases and Battleships – are simply additional cards along the same lines as the ones contained in the base deck. Extra ships and bases.

These are nice additions, and there are some fairly powerful new ships. For me, though, it’s the Events and Heroes that offer something entirely new.

The Event cards are immediately played when drawn and offer up scenarios that effect all players. These may require all players to discard a card, or to lose points, etc. Some reviewers have complained about their random nature, and they can be frustrating. But to me the fact that they affect all players means they work well.

Heroes don’t cost much to purchase but they offer fairly good return. We found these cards a little difficult to get to grips with, but I think we’ve understood the way they’re played now.

They go directly into play when drawn, instead of your discard pile, offering a faction bonus to cards of the same kind. This can be very handy if you draw a particularly powerful card belonging to one faction, but don’t have any of the same faction cards in your hand that go. They also offer bonuses if scrapped.

There’s not much else to say. They’re cards, they extend the base deck. That’s it really. For a small cost they’ve given a game I really enjoy a new life.

But is it good with two players?

Star Realms is a two player game (unless you buy an extra set which allows you to play with four), so the answer is a resounding ‘yep.’

Further information

Take a look at the game’s official site here.

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