Tools of Hero Kind: a Boss Monster expansion


What is Tools of Hero Kind?

It’s an expansion to Boss Monster, an awesome little game I’ve previously reviewed, and which adds a number of cards to the standard decks.

I won’t go into the mechanics of the core game too much here, except to recap that players are tasked with building an eighties-style side-scrolling dungeon with which to lure heroes to their doom via a number of traps and monsters, before they reach and wound your very own Boss Monster.

Tools of Hero Kind is a very logical first expansion to the game, adding item cards which the heroes who are hoping to make it through your dungeons alive, can utilise.

As with Boss Monster itself, the packaging is again awesome, and if you’re anything like me, will make you want to get straight onto ebay and begin bidding for a classic Game Boy.


I’m going to assume you know how to play Boss Monster, so if you don’t I apologise but its a great game – so go and try it!

Simply put, items are placed ‘in town’ along with the heroes about to be lured into your dungeons.

They are then attached to heroes with a matching treasure icon, and accompany them through a player’s dungeon.

These items can be a real pain in the A and add a genuinely challenging element to the game.

For instance, the Vorpal Blade card attached to a fighter hero gives a Boss Monster an extra wound if he survives a dungeon

The Oversized Sword item gives a hero +5 attack , while the Cheat Code item (yes this game is awesome) means the hero thief carrying it will ignore all room abilities in a dungeon.

BUT if a hero dies in a dungeon carrying an item, the card will pass to the Boss Monster. For instance, the cleric item Extra Life means a boss cannot die that turn due to wounds.

The Ring of Invisibility, meanwhile, can allow a boss to cancel a spell.

Is it good for two players?

Well Boss Monster is, that’s for sure, so I give the expansion a resounding Yep.

The cards have the game’s great sense of humour, I could look at some of the designs all day.

Importantly, they do genuinely add something fresh to the game. Heroes suddenly become a far greater challenge. So much so you might struggle to win very often!

I understand a major expansion to Boss Monster is coming out in 2015, but this is a great way to tide fans over ’til then.

Further information

Visit the (somewhat out of date) official page here.

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