Print-and-play update – games worth your time (part 1)


Recently I’ve been trawling through the basement of Boardgamegeek, determined to find a treasure in the form of print-and-play games it’s worth spending time on.

For every hugely complicated game I’ll never have the time, skill or patience to complete, there is a Weilong.

The picture above is Weilong. It’s lovely to look at, simple but fun to play, and has loads of dice.

Seriously, how is this game free? I’d pay for it! In the end it cost me the price of some card, glue, card sleeves and dice. I’m also planning to get a few little dice bags to keep the components of the gamesĀ in.

All of the above shopping list I’ll use on other games, and have, which I’ll come to later, so the cost has been absolutely minimal.

I’m also learning a new skill, which is cool, although I’m sure my wife thinks I’m an even bigger nerd than before.

I’m not going to review Weilong in any depth here. It’s such a short, quick game that I’d just encourage people to put the game together and give it a go. It’s a dice game with five great looking play cards and one card with some rules to remember. That’s it. And I love it.

My next success has been Coin Age.

Coin Age


Coin Age started life as a Kickstarter project, gaining popularity as a print-and-play game before finding a publisher. Since then this ‘area control microgame’ has gained a bit of cult status, and rightly so.

The game has one, credit-card sized board, a bunch of counters in the style of coins, and some instructions. It’s designed to slip in your wallet. If you check out the pictures on Boardgamegeek, one enterprising soul has even had the board custom-printed onto a credit card, so it’s literally always available.

You can play with the counters or even with pocket change – stickers are available to add to your coins to give them a theme if you like. When I first read about it, I thought it seemed a little too cute, but actually it’s a decent game. No dice, no posh counters, everything you need is on the print-and-play files, plus I used some card sleeves and card to mount the game.

I’m really pleased with these two games. They’ve taught me a lot about putting games together, and have given me two games (so far) that I know I’m going to enjoy.



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