Hey, that’s my fish!

Hey that's my fish

What is Hey, that’s my Fish?

Hey, that’s my Fish on Android is a mobile adaptation of a popular little family game from Fantasy Flight Games.

In the physical version of the game, players build a board from tiles, and play as penguins hungry for fish. I’ve heard this game mentioned as among the most time consuming to set up due to the number of tiles to lay out. No need to worry about this on Android.


In a two player game you first pick tiles to place four penguins. Each tile has a certain number of fish on it, from one to three. Each turn players move one penguin to another tile which can be reached by travelling in a straight line only.

When a penguin leaves a tile, you score points based on the number of fish there, and the tile is removed from play. In this way the play area shrinks each turn, Forbidden Island style.

It has a surprising amount of strategy and forward planning. And with eight penguins in play it’s often tricky to keep track of them all and you can quickly find yourself cut off with nowhere to go but into the water. If a penguin ends up stuck on a lone tile it’s removed from play.

And that’s it. It really is a dead simple little game that’s a neat way of using a little time. A mobile device is actually a great way to play this.

It’s playable for one to four people. You can elect to use computer controlled penguins to make up the numbers.

Is it good for two players?

It works fine, but is a pass-and-play style game which by its very nature can get a little tiresome. There’s no local network support and let’s face it, a game this small and quick really doesn’t need it!

If you’re happy to pass your phone or tablet around, then it works fine.

More information

Find it in the Amazon app store. Here’s a link to the website.

Check out the official Fantasy Flight Games page for Hey, that’s my Fish, here.

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