Roll For It!

Roll For It

What is Roll For It?

Roll For It! is one of the simplest games I’ve ever played. So why is it so much fun?

Described as the Roll It! Match It! Score It! game, this was a Kickstarter project from designer (and very friendly Twitter-user) Chris Leder, and Calliope Games, the good folks behind one of the first tabletop games I ever bought, Tsuro.

There are two versions, purple and red, which come with different cards and different coloured dice so it will go from a 2-4 player game to a 2-8 player game when both sets are combined. I went for the purple edition, as it’s my wife’s favourite colour, and do you need a better reason than that?


There’s very little to describe here. Each player picks a set of dice. The cards are shuffled and three are laid out face-up. Players then take it in turn to roll their sets of dice (one roll, no Yahtzee / Zombie Dice-style multiple rolls here) and match them to the images of dice found on each card.

Cards have different points available – for instance if you match a card with six 6s shown, you’ll get 15 points, whereas a less complicated pattern will let you score two, five or ten points. First player to 40 wins.

Be prepared to spend a long time playing this one. It’s a really neat little game, simple in concept and executed well with decent quality components, and it’s portable enough to go with you on a holiday or trip away.

One thing I really like is that it will surely work well with fairly young children too. Regular readers will have seen a picture of my daughter. I can’t wait to get her started on some of the games my wife and I love, but I fully appreciate I will have to wait. A long time. But maybe only five or six years for Roll For It! rather than the ten years I guess I’ll be waiting for her to play the DC Deck Building game.

It’s certainly not just a kids game, though. I’d class it as a family game in a similar way to Castle Panic. There are tactics involved, and thinking ahead two or three moves. There’s no interaction between players and of course it’s not cooperative, so maybe that’s a bad comparison. But my point is it’s a fun game for adults that is playful enough and colourful enough to be a magnet for young gamers too.

But is it good with two players?

Well yes. Need I say more?

It’s got lots of dice, plenty of cards, looks good, plays well and encourages competition without being brutal about it. Its length is great too.

I know there’s a real surge in interest in little microgames at the moment, and I’m a sucker for them as well. I don’t have much time to game at the moment, so something we can take out, play immediately without much setup, and finish in ten minutes if we need to is very attractive.

It’s also due to feature on the new season of Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, so if you like the look of this game, grab it while you can as it’s sure to start selling out.

Further information

Take a look at the game’s official page here.

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