Kickstart your gaming


Recently I backed my first Kickstarter project.

For those readers who haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a really simple concept. Crowdsourced funding for projects that don’t have much in the way of financial backing.

There are thousands of projects on Kickstarter, all looking for generous backers who will donate (‘pledge’) a small amount of money to projects they like the look of. If enough people pledge, and the project reaches its funding target, then the project goes ahead and your pledge is taken from your bank account. Not enough pledges? Nothing happens.

In some cases your pledge may get you nothing more than a warm fuzzy feeling for helping an enthusiastic project and perhaps an emailed ‘thankyou.’

In others, you may pledge enough to entitle you to share in the success of the project. This is where Kickstarter is a useful tool for discovering new games.

I recently backed a project you can see here. A small card game called I Hate Zombies, a Kickstarter project launched by a website I’m sure most people reading this are familiar with, BoardGameGeek.

I Hate Zombies

For me this project ticks so many boxes – if you read this blog regularly you’ll know that I like zombie-themed games, and I’m enjoying micro-games at the moment, particularly card games.

Plus, and this may come back to haunt me, I don’t think there’s much risk the game won’t be funded.

BoardGameGeek has enough supporters to mean this project should hit its goal, along with its stretch goals – additions to the project only possible if further financial targets are reached on top of the initial goal.

In this case it’s additional, larger cards and better artwork.

The grand sum I was asked to pledge to receive a copy of the game, shipped from the US to the UK? $11. It was a no-brainer. A great introduction to Kickstarter for me, a way to grab an early copy of a new game I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy, and it turns out, a good subject for a blog.

There are many tabletop games seeking funding on kick starter. Boss Monster, now one of my favourite games, started life as such a project.

I’m certainly going to be keeping a close eye on it for interesting projects that grab my attention. I’ll keep readers up to date with any I spot that might be worth a look.

4 thoughts on “Kickstart your gaming

  1. Fantastic post and backing Kickstarters is fun and a great way to find unique gifts.

    I just ran my first and highly encourage anyone thinking of doing their own to go for it.

    I have a rule of thumb that I don’t support projects where the creator has never supported one themselves, so that’s another good reason to start backing them.

    Kickstarter is a very community-oriented platform and I think it’s only right to support others before you ask others to back you.


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    • Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your own project which I must admit I like the look of! I’d love to know more about how you found the process and if you have any tips for would be game designers and kickstarter users I can perhaps share as a guest blog on my site?


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