Sushi Go!


What is Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is described in most reviews as cute, so I was going to try and avoid using that word. But it’s just so damn…cute!

It’s a really quick, great looking card game which lets 2-5 players imagine they are building a meal of sushi as it rotates past them.

This is the second game I own from publishers Gamewright (the other being Forbidden Island), and once again I’m impressed at the quality they’ve packed into the game for a pretty small sum of money.

I also love the tin the game comes in. It stands out in my collection. I know some people don’t like this trend, as tins don’t fit as easily into a gaming collection as the usual, uniform box.


This is a really easy game to set up and to play. Simply shuffle the entire deck, and (for a two player game at least) hand out ten cards to each player.

The players then pick a card from their hand and place it face down in front of them before simultaneously revealing them. This element of secrecy is necessary, because the next step is to pass your remaining hand to the next player. This is a mechanism called drafting, which I was unfamiliar with until I began researching this game, and appears in many other card games.

It simulates the sushi bar’s conveyer belt carrying food in front of the players, and means that both players will get a pretty clear idea of what cards are in play. Revealing cards rather than placing them face-down together could give the player who hasn’t chosen his card yet an advantage.

The game continues in this way until all 20 cards are played. Then, except for cards which must remain in place, they are scored and placed in a discard pile.

Scoring is decided by the sushi dishes which players have in front of them. Collect sets of various Nigiri, for instance, and they’re worth a certain number of points. However, combine these with a wasabi card, and they’re worth three times as many points.

Then there’s sashimi, tempura, puddings (that get scored at the end, obviously), and so on. Chopstick cards offer a little extra something to the game – they allow you to play two cards instead of one, as long as you shout “Sushi Go!” before you do.

Once a round is over, you add up points. Then the next 20 cards are dealt, as the game is played over three rounds.

Is it any good with two players?

Yeah it is. This is a neat little game, in a neat little box, with neat little rules.

Sure, it’s cute, and that might put some people off, but it’s great for starting a game night, or as a break in proceedings, or if your wife and yourself only have half an hour before your little bundle of joy wakes up (for instance).

I’m really enjoying these so-called micro-games at the moment, and I know many reviewers doubt they’ll have a shelf life, but for me this game is about perfect for my requirements. A fun, great looking, original little game.

PS Thanks to my wife for getting this as a surprise present. She knows me very well!

Further information

Take a look at the game’s official page here.

A final note – Wil Wheaton announced the new season of Tabletop is to play through this game, so expect it to start selling out quickly.

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