Tabletop Season 3 – what to watch out for

EDIT since my last post Wil Wheaton tweeted the full list so I’ve updated mine to include these details. Check Wil’s blog for more info.

EDIT EDIT I realised I’d copied over not just a list of games, but also those people appearing in each episode of Tabletop, which doesn’t make sense if you’re not familiar with the series. So I’ve stripped the list right back to just games.

Recently geek icon and gaming Godfather Wil Wheaton tweeted that filming had finished on Tabletop season 3.

We’ve seen plenty of announcements on Twitter by gaming companies who will have their creations featured on the show.

But which games?

So far, we know a handful of names, and it will be interesting to see if the legendary Tabletop Effect kicks in before the shows even air, helping game stores sell out as these games get a boost in sales.

Roll For It and Sushi Go!
Forbidden Desert
Love Letter and Coup
Hare & Tortoise and Council of Verona
Sheriff of Nottingham
Stone Age
Geek Out
Five Tribes
Epic Spell War
Mice & Mystics, Chapter One
Catan Junior
Kingdom Builder
Dead of Winter
Tabletop After Dark: Cards Against Humanity

There are some great games on this list, which I’ll try and keep up-to-date as we know more. I’ve had my eye on Forbidden Desert and Dead of Winter, among others, and it will be interesting to see what the Tabletop crew think.

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