Shopping for games: FanBoy3, Manchester

I visited Manchester recently dropping a friend at the station, and while I was there, a quick Google search showed I was just a few minutes away from a gaming store I hadn’t visited before – FanBoy3.

I wish I’d found the shop sooner, as my friend had a copy of the DC Deck Building Game in his bag, and we had time to kill.

FanBoy3 not only has the largest selection of games I’ve seen in a games shop (walls full of shelves with a range of board games, card games and RPGs), but also plenty of tables for gaming sessions.

There was a big session going on in a large back room when I visited, and plenty of smaller groups dotted around the store.

The guy behind the counter was really helpful, and answered my questions about various games and expansion packs without patronising me or looking bored, which I’ve come across before.

Prices were no higher or lower than anywhere else, the place was busy which was great to see, and it’s a very short walk from the city centre. This will definitely be my place to go when I’m in Manchester.

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