Zombie Dice expansions

What are Zombie Dice expansions?

Many games have a way of expanding their world, whether these be extra dice, new characters or cards. These expansions are great ways to breath new life into a game that might be feeling a bit stale.

Zombie Dice is no different, and there are now two expansion sets available – Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature, and Zombie Dice 3: School Bus.


Both of these add ‘plot’ elements to the game, so the Double Feature introduces three new dice as characters – we have The Hunk, The Hottie, and a Santa Claus dice.

The School Bus adds a large yellow, 12-sided dice with various actions.

With Double Feature, you simply replace three of your existing dice with the new ones. These fresh dice add extra elements of play so The Hunk, a black dice with white icons has two feet, two shotguns, one double-shotgun, and one double-brain.

This means you have the opportunity to eat two brains with one dice result, but also offers the risk that you may roll two shotguns from one dice.

The Hottie is similar, a black dice with pink icons. However, this dice has three feet icons, two shotguns and one brain. So this character has more opportunities to run away.

However, both The Hunk and The Hottie can rescue each other from your zombie clutches, and be moved from your pile of brains back into the cup.

Meanwhile, Santa Claus is a bright red dice with some great new icons – an energy drink and a helmet. The energy drink will mean that for the rest of your turn, any green feet you roll are changed to brains. The helmet offers you extra protection, so it takes four shotguns to kill you.

The School Bus expansion dice can be used at any point during the game and is rolled instead of an existing dice. My daughter loves rolling the big dice, and from a geek point of view I love that I finally own one of the classic tabletop elements – a 12-sided dice.

This dice offers further options including getting run over or seeing feet transformed to brains.

There’s nothing complicated here, but for a small amount of money, they really do bring the game to life in a way the basic pack doesn’t. I would recommend that for a while you have the instructions by your side as it can be hard to remember what every new icon means.

But is it good for two players?

Yes, they simply expand an already good two player game.

Further information

See the official page of Double Feature here and School Bus here.

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