Zombie Dice

What is Zombie Dice?

Zombie Dice is what’s called a push-your-luck game. You carry on playing until a twist of fate (or roll of the dice) means your turn is up, or until you lose your nerve.

Zombies are awesome, everyone knows that. So in Zombie Dice you get to play as one…


The game consists of a set of nicely constructed dice, a container to shake them up / store them, and the instructions. That’s it.

The dice are either green (easy), yellow (medium difficulty) or red (dangerous) and each represents a potential victim.

Each have symbols on – a brain, which represents food and means you score a point, feet which means your victim runs away, and a shotgun blast (which damages you).

Each turn you pick three dice (without looking) out of the pot, and keep rolling them until you’re turn is over. Any brains and shotguns blasts you keep by you. If you roll any dice with feet symbols, they get re-rolled along with enough dice to make your hand up to three.

If you hit three shotgun blasts your turn is over, and you lose the brains you notched up that go.

This is where the push-your-luck element comes in.  Let’s say you’ve got six brains, and are up to two shotgun blasts. Do you carry on in the hope you score more brains, and risk another shotgun shell, or do you end your turn and score the brains you have?

First one to 13 brains in total wins.

I love zombie dice. You can play with as many players as you like, and it’s small enough to take on holiday or out with you. The gameplay is very easy and while it mostly relies on luck, there is still strategy to think about. Although, that strategy is mainly around one simple question – should I roll again or not?

It’s not an expensive game, and there are also two expansions which add further dice and new actions to the set. I’ll review these soon.

But is it good for two players?

Yep. It works really well.

Further information

See the official game page here.

Check out Wil Wheaton’s tabletop playing through a game here.

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